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Messier 33 (NGC 598) is commonly known as the Triangulum Galaxy. Barely visible to the naked eye, this nearby spiral is the third-largest galaxy in the Local Group, after the nearby Andromeda Galaxy (M 31) and our own Milky Way.

For the amateur observer, the Triangulum Galaxy can be glanced with the naked eye under exceptionally good conditions, making it the most distant object visible without optical aid. Its visibility is strongly affected by even small amounts of light pollution, making it one of the critical objects on the Bortle Dark Sky Scale (source SS6Pro).
Scope: Zeiss APQ 150/1200
Mount: AP-1200
Camera: QSI 6120ws @ -20°C
L 13x900 sec. in Bin 1x1
RGB 3x600 sec. in Bin 2x2 (each colors).