SoldatiSpace Weater Station

Since beginning October, the observatory is equipped with a near research grade Weather Station. This equipment allowed to register and monitor: Temperature, Humidity, Barometric pressure, Rain, Wind speed and direction, Solar radiation and UV index.


My Astro-Physics mount PE curve

I recently measured the Periodic Error accuracy of my Astro-Physics mount with PEMPro. The data recorded shows an extremely high accuracy of 2.0 Arc-sec. peak to peak without PEM. The PE curve has been downloaded into the mount for the PE management. The PEM aloud me to capture images with an exposure of many minutes without auto-guiding!

I asked the author of PEMPro, Ray Gralak , (from San Jose, California) to confirm the reliability of my measurement. This is his answer:

“Hi Nicolas,

I looked at your data and it shows 2.0 arc-secs peak-peak, with an RMS of 0.334 arc-secs with quadratic curve fitting. The very low RMS indicates that the certainty is very high that the PE is actually 2.0 arc-secs.”



First Light With the ProLine Camera

The sky was not perfect but I finally had the opportunity to test my FLI ProLine camera. This picture is the first I took with it. I am pretty satisfied about what came out even if I need some more experience. I am looking forward for the next target...


Partial Solar Eclipse

We had a cloudy day for the partial eclipse. I hope that the friends who went to China for the Total Eclipse had a clearer sky! Anyway, I still could take some pictures trough the clouds during the maximum phase. They have been captured with a Nikon D300 on the prime focus of the observatory Zeiss APQ 150/1200 refractor.

This picture has been published on the swiss radio and swiss television website.


Lars Carlém's visit

While visiting his daughter in Switzerland, Lars noticed the observatory’s dome. That made him curious since he has been an active member of the Tycho Brahe Society's observatory, Sweden. He had the nice idea to deposit a letter in the mailbox of my parent's home explaining his interest for a visit. We scheduled that on saturday. Unfortunately the telescope was disassembled for a repair but we could still observe the sun in the Ha light through the Coronado filter. You are always very welcome Lars. I am looking forward for your next visit.

Former Research Engineer at the Division of Cosmic and Subatomic Phyisics, Lund University, Sweden