Astro-Physics 1200 PE curve
I recently measured the Periodic Error accuracy of my Astro-Physics mount with PEMPro. The data recorded shows an extremely high accuracy of 2.0 Arc-sec. peak to peak without PEM. The PE curve has been downloaded into the mount for the PE management. The PEM aloud me to capture images with an exposure of many minutes without auto-guiding.

I asked the author of PEMPro, Ray Gralak , (from San Jose, California) to confirm the reliability of my measurement. This is his answer:

“Hi Nicolas,

I looked at your data and it shows 2.0 arc-secs peak-peak, with an RMS of 0.334 arc-secs with quadratic curve fitting. The very low RMS indicates that the certainty is very high that the PE is actually 2.0 arc-secs.”

Thank you Ray for checking my data. This is really the type of mount I looked for!